A lot of Ulf Sandströms piano playing is influenced by boogie-woogie.

Boogie-woogie was created by strong personalities with love and humour, entertaining in barrelhouses and terpentine camps around the turn of the last century. Many of the masters were never recorded, and many died an early death - it was dangerous and the women went wild - when this happens the men go wild too.

But what is Boogie? Some say "eight to the bar" meaning left hand notes - but in my book boogie lives in any left hand piano pattern that creates a mesmerizing groove allowing right hand fills and vocals to ride on top.

"When you listen to what I'm playing, you got to see in your mind all them gals out there swinging their butts and getting the mes excited. That's what this music is for" (Robert "Fud" Shaw)

"It is primitive and unsophisticated music - music for the rough, uncultured, uneducated and frequencrtly illiterate working man, for the violent and undisciplined law-breaker and wrong-doer, and for the pimp, pander and prostitute."
A Left Hand Like God (Peter Silvester) - Great book!

"An evening of American Negro music shook the stage, the rafters and the audience at Carnegie hall last night. It a a little of everything - and a lot of swing"
New York Times Dec 24 - 1938

"Boogie-woogie piano playing - it relies heavily on what the art calls "the big bass" - had some rousing innings. It needs to be seen as well as heard. Especially as Albert Ammons, Meade "Lux " Lewis and Pete Johnson, all from the west, live their music. They were stirring to the audience individually and collectively. They could barely contain themselves, when the music was under way. And what endurance!"
New York Times Dec 24 - 1938

The Original Masters Of Boogie-Woogie

"Always be proud of this music. Not many people can play it and play it right, it's great music" (Albert Ammons)

Fats Domino

In my book Fats is the man who bridged New Orleans R & B into Rock'n Roll with a steady left hand picking energy from the boogie all the way. Listen to The Fatman for example - what a simple and effective left hand pattern!


Eddie Bo

Eddie Bo is one of New Orleans legendary performers and I had the fortune of running into him playing et Margaritaville on Bourbon Street some years ago. We jammed some and I picked up some of his groovy "junker style" left hands. He's still working!


James Booker

This was a True Genius! His playing always baffles me - with most grooves in the New Orleans tradition where Professor Longhair also resides - funky and suprising - mixing in all kinds of elements from blues and classical music.


Amos Milburn

I know no other boogie player - singer - composer - entertainer that manages to come close to Amos incredible treasure of boogie and Rhythm'n Blues. Wow.


Ivory Joe Hunter

The Baron of the Boogie! I picked up one of the Route 66 vinyl compilations of Ivory Joe Hunter and realised that my early repetoire was present to 70% on that record.


Champion Jack Dupree

Champion Jack got his nickname from boxing - a common side career to many boogie pianists. I wouldn't dare my fingers whopping, but if the kids need breakfast and you know what you're doing....